what is a calorie?

Count those calories

fotolia_1975513_xsWeight loss

Recently I’ve suffered a small loss in weight and this made me re-direct my focus to my daily calories intake.

Normally I am very thorough in respect to the calories that go in my body on a daily basis and I have been using an app to track down and count my daily intake for almost two years now. However, in the past few weeks, due to the craziness that was going on at work, plus my busy schedule and the longer runs that I’ve been puttin up lately, I’ve gotten a bit behind and I immediately saw the effect. Now I have to work even harder and get back on track and reach my ideal weight where I can have the best running performance.

How many?

So how many calories do you need on a daily basis?

I for one use a combination of maths, technology and intuition to come up with an estimate, which I will share below, but what you need to understand is that this can never be 100% accurate. It depends on a multitude of variables and it differs from one person to another. But I will do my best to share everything I know about this from my own experience and from as many scientifically proven facts as possible.