100 races

The quest of a hundred medals

imag1388 About the challenge

The quest of a hundred medals is a challenge I’ve started which, as the name states, will take me on a journey around the globe in my quest to run a total of 100 races.

Now, since I can only run around 15 races per year, and that’s an average of more than one race per month, this challenge becomes a long-term commitment, which hopefully will give me the chance to visit new and exciting places and run in all kinds of races, from fast 5Ks to long marathons, ultra-marathons and trail runs.

I will be sharing every step of this amazing journey with you guys, from trainings & workouts, to race reviews and well-documented research, but also a lot of cool stories from my adventures and lots of shared experiences with and from other runners.

Won’t start from zero

I have to say that I will not be starting this challenge from scratch. I’ve been running competitively for quite a while now, but even so, I will not be counting all the medals and awards. However, I will start counting the medals which I’ve got in the past year and go on from there. Thus I will be starting the challenge from the count of 9, ergo 91 more to go…Yupii!