About Mov Runs

What is Mov Runs?

Mov Runs is a website born out of sheer passion for running and sports. It follows races around the world in the form of marathons, half-marathons, 10K races, 5K races & trail runs, all through the eyes of the author, but with insights from other runners, pros or amateurs, from all over the world.

It is mainly delivered through written articles, but I will do my best to post photos from my journeys, races, cities, trail runs, medals, etc., as well as videos from our runs and interviews with my guests.

The focus won’t be solely on races, but on the trainings & workouts as well. You will be able to find training plans, daily routines, strenght workouts, tip about nutrition, equipment and all kinds of tips & tricks from myself, other runners and from the readers.

The website & facebook page won’t be only a one-way stream of information, but will try to promote free discussion among its readers and will try to grow the running community around the world.

Mov Runs is global and will adress its readers as such.


Who is Mov?

Mov is an amateur runner, based in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I love running and sports, especially outdoors and I want to share this passion with the world and hopefully provide quality and well-documented data and stories about running and races around the world.

I do not want to keep my identity secret, but Mov is a nickname that I have and use since high-school and I prefer go by this name, rather than by my real name.

My goals are to collect 100 medals from races around the world and my dream is to one day run in the Olympic Games.

Countries I’ve ran in

Below there’s an interactive map of the countries I’ve ran in. As time will pass and as we enter 2017, the list of countries will grow and more races will unfold.