Sott Jurek’s “Eat & Run” | book review

13202092Since it’s a slower time of the year and perhaps you might be looking for something to read while you’re home, enjoying a Christmas dinner and nice glass of red wine, get cozy and grab this awesome book that will take you through a whole new world of running…and eating.

Scott Jurek

The book „Eat & Run” was written by Scott Jurek, one of the most succesfull ultra-marathon runners of all times. Not only he won the toughest races on earth(from Badwater to the Spartathon), but he also represented the US in multiple international running competitions.

I’ve heard about Scott Jurek in another book, „Born to run”, which I’ll be reviewing as well and I highly recommend. But in that book, I imagined him as that all-star-nose-in-the-air-super-runner, that comes from a rich family and probably had a scholarship and had it all set in order to become the fantastic runner that he is. However, from the first pagest of his book, I was proven wrong.

I won’t spoil anything, but let me just say that he had a tough life and the sacrifices he made in order to follow his dream and get where he is are beyond natural and are trully inspiring.

The book

The book takes you through the story of Scott’s life, from childhood all the way to the present time. You get to learn about his training routines, friends, races & achievments, but most of all, the struggles and challenges he faced in order to obtain those incredible results and set all those records.

You can see from the beginning that he is not a writer and the book could have used more editting, it’s a bit bulky, but it isn’t hard to read, in fact, it is quite enjoyable, especially since you are going to be so absorbed by the stories and races that you won’t even notice the writing flaws.

The food

Scott Jurek is a declared vegan and he doesn’t hide this in his book…actually quite the opposite. Apart from the story of how he became a vegan, he also tries to prove the fact that you can be a great athlete while being vegan. He presents the challenges and struggles of a non-meat eater and provides advice for the fellow vegetarians that might want to follow his footsteps or for those who were in doubt if they can be good runners if they don’t eat meat.

A very interesting thing about Scott’s book is that it doubles as a cooking book. He actually shares his most prised and used food recipes at the end of each chapter, giving you quite a lot of interesting dishes to experiment with. All vegan of course.


Another interesting and very welcomed thing about Scott’s book is that he also added quite a lot of photos from his adventures & races, even from the most exotic and dangerous ones.


All in all, I highly recommend this book, even if you’re not a runner, but especially if you are one. It’s a good read and it is trully inspiring.


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